Worm Wisdom: Seven facts about Earthworms

Here are some facts about Garden Worms:

    • Earthworms (Lumbricus terrestris) (also known as lob worms or garden worms) are nature's ploughs and are crucial for soil aeration. In an acre of land between 16,000-30,000 lbs (7,200-13,500kg) of soil passes through earthworms and is deposited on the surface each year. No wonder archaeologists are so good at digging!
    • How do worms travel? No, not on the underground, but by using their complex muscle system and hairs, called setae.
    • Earthworms do not have teeth, but use a gizzard to grind up pieces of food.
    • Worms don;t have eyes (except in cartoons!), but are sensitive to light.
    • Earthworms don't have lungs, but instead 'breathe' through their skin as long as it stays moist.
    • Earthworms are hermaphrodites ie their bodies contain both male and female reproductive organs.
    • Not content with one heart, earthworms have no fewer than five.

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