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Bokashi Active Bran


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Made on Lower Blakemere Farm

All the Bokashi we sell is made here on our farm by Farmer Phil and his team. They innoculate wheat bran with beneficial micro-organisms and then activate it with molasses. The whole lot goes into a silage bag and the air is sucked out, and it is left for about 3 - 4 weeks or so. Then we spread the wet bokashi out onto our grain dryer floor, and allow it to dry out and stabilise before bagging it for sale. This enables us to have great quality control and constant stocks and obviously cuts down on the transportation costs which allows us to deliver a great value product for you to make your own bokashi with.

Your Kitchen Waste

Recycling with Bokashi is the opposite to composting in the sense that you “pickle” your waste. Bokashi is a Japanese word for ferment, and essentially it works rather like probiotic yogurt. Its friendly bacteria for your kitchen waste. You can add your waste as you produce it and your Bokashi Bucket can deal with all sorts of waste – from vegetable peelings to fish skins. Once the process is finished you end up with soil conditioner and a liquid feed that can be used to clean your drains.