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Spotting a robin in your garden is seriously cheering - whatever time of year. They are after all probably Britains most loved, most recognisable garden birds whether they are singing into the night or scouting around for food.

So, how best to look after and encourage Robins into your garden.
Robins feed on insects (so LOVE mealworms) worms, suets, fruit, seeds, crushed peanuts, sunflower hearts and raisins.

As with most small birds obtaining energy (especially in Winter is key) Because they are so small they can lose a lot of their body weight in just one night so regular food it key.

They will feed from a feeder or a table and it’s a good idea mix in suet pellets with your seed mix to add extra energy in the colder months.

Try our Starter Bundle if you want to provide a good start for your family of robins as it includes the right sort of feeder, the perfect robin and a good selection of food.