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Urbalive Worm Composter Wormery Kits


The Urbalive Worm Composter is a kit that can be used indoors or outdoors for composting kitchen waste with the red worms. Perfect for households, classrooms or offices. Worms work best in sheltered conditions so if possible the best places to site the kit are garden shed, garage or greenhouse, or in a sheltered location near the kitchen door - if you wish to leave your Urbalive outside please cover with a Tarpaulin or similar.

Composting in the Urbalive Worm Farm is easy and odour-free. The kit comes with trays where the worms transform food scraps into vermicompost so that you can harvest the worm casts tray by tray, a sump where the liquid worm tea is collected and a secure lid.

The compost worms produce is really rich - often referred to as "Black Gold". You can use as a rich base for potting compost or as a fertiliser when planting out and as a top dressing for your pots and planters. Worm tea is a liquid fertilizer containing a lot of rich nutrients and enzymes that help your plants grow and prevent pests. You will never have to buy liquid feed again.

The Complete Wiggly Guide to Worm Composting

Follow our video guides below for all the information you'll need about Composting with Worms! Including; Facts about Composting Worms, Getting Started with your Wormery and Troubleshooting Tips!

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