We are based in deepest darkest Herefordshire on a Duchy of Cornwall farm. We enjoy a real country life and as part of this we are as passionate as you about ensuring our farm, our soil and our diversity is left in a better position than we found it for future generations. We’ve developed our own wildlife garden (starting in 2001) where all the plants were added on the basis of delivering for wildlife, whether that’s bees, hedgehogs, bugs, birds, butterflies and yes of course – worms.

We have led the way in home composting for nearly 30 years now so we are pretty sure what we don’t know about worms and composting, bokashi and liquid feed isn’t worth knowing.

We are based in a village of 63 residents so quickly realised we needed to get online and we were one of the first to take online orders having a full ecommerce website set up in 2001!

But it’s not just our expertise that stands us in good sted to supply you we have a network of fantastic suppliers but we also grow, mix and bag our own mixes to order here on the farm as you order ensuring you get the very best food bagged to order.

Buying from Wiggly Wigglers means you will be joining thousands of regular customers who have helped us grow our farm diversification into a multi award winning family business.
(Over the years we have won several national and international small business awards including The Dell Global Customer Service Award, The FSB Small Business Champion for the UK, and the Winner of the Rural Enterprise Award from the Food and Farming Industry awards). But if the awards don’t quite float your boat – check out a few more reasons to BUY WIGGLY

  • Inexpensive Delivery Options – we don’t hide delivery charges (and add them onto the product price..) We offer standard delivery at just £3.95 and next day delivery for £5.95. Simple/transparent delivery.
  • Experts in composting, worms and wildlife. We have been encouraging gardening for wildlife since 1991… there’s not too many who can say that…
  • Our total satisfaction guarantee. Buy with confidence – if you’re not completely satisfied with what you have purchased, let us know and we will cheerfully address the problem and help sort it out. This is in addition to your statutory rights
  • As green as is feasible.. We use kraft paper bags instead of plastic where we can, we compost our waste, we re-use the packaging we receive – and lots more. Our aim is to minimise the impact we have on our environment.
  • Secure website… We use Shopify - the very best platform to host our website to ensure it is safe and PCI compliant in this mad mad World of ours.
  • Fresh food bagged daily on our farm. The very best ingredients make the best ever bird food
  • Subscribe and Save - Our regular delivery service is easy to set up and saves your pennies at the same time.
  • Reducing waste Our aim is to support composting at home (saving transport and waste and making something amazing..)
  • Service…Our small team – Rach, San, Heather, Lydia and Rob are here to help. We are online all day and aim to answer your enquiry in a jiffy (or maybe two jiffies if very busy)


  • Suppliers to the very best… Our products have featured on many TV programmes over the years – including Gardeners World, Breakfast TV. We have been invited to exhibit at The Houses of Parliament and featured in most major magazines and newspapers, and our list of customers includes many cracking organisations! (including the RSPB)
  • Natural Birdseeds and Feeds. We don’t add artificial colours, flavours or preservatives to any food we sell. (By the way we also don’t specify that the ingredients need to be organic for many reasons but the main one is that of course your birds are wild and so eat a huge amount of food that is natural and in the wild but certainly doesn’t need the expensive certification of “organic”.
  • VAT free – Our birdfood is bagged to order which means our 12.55kg sacks are easy to lift and still VAT free.
  • Quality Birdfood – guaranteed. We have seen it all out there – huge companies and small selling all sorts of mixes which are best to avoid… (for example there shouldn’t be whole peanuts in mixes, or split peas – or dried rice…) All our mixes have been put together with specialist advice to ensure your birds have good quality nutrition.
  • Direct from our farm… We don’t use a fulfilment house to pack for us, so we have stock that is ready to ship from the farm every day.