Wiggly Frequently Asked

We're in Herefordshire. Can we come and collect?Direct from the Farm

For over 30 years, Lower Blakemere Farm and Wiggly Wigglers has been producing premium birdfood and composting supplies. Now, you can enjoy direct access to our expertise and savings through our Local Click & Collect Service.

The idea is to pass on the savings to you when you buy local…Our birdseed bags are over 12.55kg, making them VAT-free. Plus, you save further as there’s no need for costly packaging and courier fees. We make and mix natural and nutritious bird mixes, to attract the most bird species to your patch AND if you want to compost your kitchen and garden waste check out Bokashi – we make it here on the farm.

Whilst we don’t have a shop to browse we have made it really easy to order – you can just go online www.lowerblakemere.co.uk/click and choose what you want or have a look and what’s app us on 07966 287939.

You’ll already know the benefits of buying local but when you buy from us you will be supporting our farm’s regenerative journey to improve our soil health and biodiversity – and so it’s a double win, your garden, our farm.

If you need any help to attract your garden birds, or how to use Bokashi to improve your soil health and compost just drop us a message – we’re happy to help.

Living and working on a farm, we like to reduce, reuse and recycle as much as possible. Our packaging is made from recycled materials, as far as possible, and we recycle or reuse all the packaging our deliveries arrive in. We compost our flower waste and we feed our birds. Our birdfood packaging is reusable so if you want to send back your bags and mealworm tubs we will re-use them where we can. We are constantly looking for ways of reducing our impact so welcome your ideas.

Do you have Open Days.
We have done in the past but there are none planned this year.

Do you deliver overseas?
No, I’m afraid most of our products are perishable so we don’t despatch overseas.