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Pre-Order Flowers from our Farm Floristry for Valentine's Day!

Amazing fresh and dried flowers from our sister site The Great British Florist This year we've created a Dried Flower Wreath especially for your loved one or you can send one of our four #grownnotflown, Pro-British Seasonal Flower Arrangements - featuring the first spring blooms. It Must Be Love - Valentine's Day Dried Flower Wreath from £50 ------ Dried Letter Box Flowers - Valentine's Day Pre-Order £25 ------ Seasonal Garden Flower Arrangements from £39 ------ For standard delivery (£5.95) we recommend delivery on Friday 12th February. You can also choose delivery on Saturday 13th February and Sunday 14th...

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Beyond the Wiggle JANUARY 2021

Dear Wiggly Customer   First of all – Covid Lockdown.As an online business we are following government guidelines - and are pleased to be open for orders. (no visits are permitted to the farm of course). Big Garden Birdwatch 2021As we are in lockdown lots of people will be joining in with this year’s Big Garden Birdwatch on 29th – 31st January so if you’d like to join in give it a go at To attract the most species of birds the key is to have a variety of foods. A bird mixed feed does this to a great extent but at this time...

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Mites in your worm bin.

There are a few types of mite that love a worm composting kit and this is all normal and part of the ecosystem. However, as with most things if they start to take over the kit this can become a problem. There are two main types – a reddish brown mite and a white shiny round mite. Both are tiny and if numbers become huge they eat the food and your worms will tend to burrow deeper into the kit and this in turn stops the worms from reproducing as effectively.

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We've got tonnes of fab treats for your Garden Birds!

All types of feeds, seeds, suets and worms... so you can feed all year round! PLUS when you signup to join our newsletter you'll receive a code for 10% off your next order!

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Win a 1kg Bag of our Bestselling Live Mealworms - Worth £25!

Live Mealworms (Tenebrio molitor) are our best selling live food, and the number one choice for feeding wild birds. They are the larvae of the Flour Beetle, a native British insect which eats flour, meal, grain and other related crops. Their bodies are made up of over 48% crude protein and 40% fat making them an excellent, proven food for all insect eating garden birds. The winner will be contacted by email after 1st February 2021 Pop on over to to enter!

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