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Caring for Hoggies in the hot weather

During the summer it's really important that you provide water and shelter for our spiky friends - they may have lots of food available (beetles, caterpillars and other bugs) but it's also good to put out some hoggy food when you can.

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Live Mealworms in the Post!?!?

Heather tells a story of how trading standards made up some very strange rules of how to care for our live mealworms and how we managed to keep sending them in the post :) Order live mealworms online here

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Green Johanna FAQ's

My Compost Smells Of Ammonia, Is That Right?

No, your compost should hardly have an aroma. You have probably been putting in too much nitrogen-rich waste, such as grass clippings, meat or fish. To counter the smell and regain the normal harmony of the compost add in some extra garden soil or shredded newspaper. Mix this in and then take a small batch of the finished compost or half-composted material from lower down the unit and sprinkle over the top.


Can I Still Use The Composter If I Only Have Kitchen Waste?

Yes, if you add layers of paper products (paper/newspaper/cardboard/toilet roll tubes) and sawdust and wood chips. These provide carbon to balance the nitrogen in the food waste.

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“Planting” Your Garden Worms

Your worms will need to go into the soil within 48hrs of arriving so be prepared for when they come. (Click Here to order Garden Worms)

Dig out a trowel depth hole every square meter, add a bit of water and compost, pop in a 5-8 of your garden or composting worms, always then cover over the hole with the soil. You can also use worm casts from your wormery to fill in the holes.

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Compost Tumbler FAQ's

What Can I Do If My Compost Is Too Wet?

To correct wet compost we recommend reducing the amount of green waste (fruit, vegetable, kitchen scraps) and increasing the percentage of brown waste (dry grass, leaves, paper).

Generally the mix should be 50/50. However, in the case of wet compost it is necessary to increase the percentage of brown waste temporarily in order to get the mixture balanced again.

Once the mixture is moist (without being wet) it will be possible to revert to a 50/50 composition.

Exposure to sunlight and increased aeration are also helpful in getting the compost back to its correct balance.

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