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Live Mealworms

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A Natural Superfood for Your Garden Birds

  • Packed with Protein: Essential for fledglings and adult birds alike during breeding, fledgling, and moulting seasons.
  • Moisture Rich: Keeps birds hydrated, especially vital for young and moulting birds.
  • Hygienic: Clean, odourless, and easy to store—up to 14 days in the fridge.

Introduce your garden birds to a diet rich in protein and essential nutrients with our LIVE Mealworms. These aren't just any worms; they're the hygienic and vegetarian larvae of the Flour Beetle (Tenebrio molitor), renowned for their cleanliness and nutritional value. Each mealworm is packed with protein and fat and water, offering a perfect food source for all insect-eating birds.

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Why LIVE Mealworms?

Excellent Nutrition: Ideal during the breeding and fledgling seasons, our mealworms provide the much-needed protein and moisture that young birds in the nest desperately require. They're also a godsend during moulting and dry spells, providing hydration and supporting feather regrowth.

Hygienic and Safe: Cultivated to be clean and odourless, our mealworms are easy to store, easy to handle, and ensure a fresh, hassle-free experience.

Enhances Bird Watching: LIVE mealworms encourage a variety of garden birds to visit your space. From Robins and Blackbirds to Great Tits and Wrens, watch as your garden becomes a hub of avian activity and song.

Birds That Love Mealworms: Our mealworms are especially popular among ground-feeding birds such as Blackbirds, Robins, Song Thrushes, and Starlings, but are also eagerly consumed by a wide range of UK bird species including Tits, Wrens, Finches, and even the occasional Great Spotted Woodpecker.

Live vs. Dried Mealworms: Why Live is Best

While keeping a stash of dried mealworms can be handy for emergencies, nothing beats the benefits of live mealworms for your garden birds. Live mealworms contain vital moisture, crucial for chicks in the nest, as they represent the only way these young birds can hydrate. Live bird food like our LIVE Mealworms from Wiggly Wigglers not only offer this essential hydration but also deliver a more natural feeding experience that can help young birds thrive. Always remember, live bird food is best for the health and development of your garden birds.

Serving Suggestions: Use a steep sided shallow container and the best time to put mealworms out is in the morning as this is the meal your birds rely on most (as they have had all night without food and can lose a huge amount of their bodywight overnight). To keep larger birds from monopolising the supply, consider using a specialist feeder where the roof of the feeder is low enough to discourage larger birds (or even a caged feeder that allows smaller birds safe access). Mealworms can be served alone or mixed with other seed mixes to create a more enticing offering.

Environmentally Responsible: Committed to sustainability, we ensure our mealworms are produced with minimal environmental impact, providing you with a product that’s not only good for the birds but also kind to the planet.

Invite nature to your doorstep with LIVE Mealworms and enjoy the vibrant ecosystem they help support right in your garden!

Robins, as you can see from the photo here, just love them. They are the perfect food for young chicks and adults alike.

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Do squirrels eat mealworms?

Pesky Squirrels will eat just about any birdfood, including live and dried mealworms! You best bet to deter them is to put your feeders on a surface they cannot climb (like a window) or use a feeder with a cage.

What birds like live mealworms?

Mealworms, waxworms, worms and insects are loved by birds such as robins, blackbirds, thrushes, tits and nuthatches. Feeding live food in the spring helps during the breeding season as they provide much needed protein. Tits and robins love mealworms and the latter can become very tame in exchange for their favourite snack.

How to store live mealworms?

Live Mealworms can easily be stored in a garage or utility room because they are clean and odourless. They keep well at room temperature. Should you wish to store them for longer you can transfer them to the warmest part of your fridge, away from the icebox.

When should I feed live mealworms?

Live foods are very nutritious for a lot of bird species and you can feed all year round. However, there are two key times to feed live food:

1: Winter – Mealworms are particularly good for insectivorous birds at a time when they may be struggling to get worms etc. out of frozen ground. If you are persistent you may even be able to get robins to take mealworms from your hand!

2: The Breeding Season – When your garden birds have chicks in the nest mealworms are by far the best food.

How should I feed live mealworms?

Place them in a high-sided dish or feeder so that the don't escape.

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