Which Composter Is for Me?

Interested in getting started with Composting but don't know where to begin? We've put together this little flow chart to hopefully help you work out which composting method is right for you.

The first choice is do you want to use worms or would you like to avoid looking after wiggly friends in your house? There are many upsides and downsides to worm composting, but mainly it depends on your personal interest in wiggly worms.

If you'd love to go down the worm composting route, then we've got two fab options the Urbalive Worm Composter for composting Inside or Outside or our larger Subpods which are dug into your garden beds. The Urbalives produce worm casts and liquid feed, whilst the Subpod produces worm casts and the liquid drains into the soil around, feeding it.


If worms aren't your cup of tea, we've got quite a few options. Work out if you are wanting to compost just your food waste or if you would like to be able to compost your garden waste too.

If you want to compost your kitchen and garden waste we have two options, the Green Johanna which is a hot composting bin, or the Compost Tumbler which, yep - you guessed it, tumbles your waste. They both can deal with a large amount of waste, and will both produce excellent compost - it really depends wether you want to just fill it up and leave it (Johanna) or do 5 mins of daily compost tumbling.

For composting just food waste, we also have a few options, it really depends on what your composting goal is.... Do you want to just reduce the amount of waste you produce (i.e. aren't worried about producing usable compost) or would you like to produce some fab compost and liquid feed for your garden? 

For reducing waste your best bet is the Green Cone, this hot composter will digest food waste, reducing water content and volume until you have a very tiny amount of residue to get rid of each year.

If you're wanting to make some fantastic useable compost and liquid for your garden, then you will love brilliant Bokashi. Our bokashi buckets are not only space efficient and odour-free, but they can be used inside or outside and deal with your waste quickly and cheaply - you'll only need to buy some bran over so often. We've got two different types of bins - our Organico Bins which are our basic range, ideal for getting started with no-frills kit. We've also got Organko 2 bins, a more stylish looking bin with a removable inner container which helps in cleaning and stops the tap getting clogged.

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