4 Simple Ways to help your Garden Wildlife in April

Clean our your feeders and birdbath.

As the weather turns warm and wet your bird bath and feeders are a place where the birds socialise so need to be squeaky clean to avoid the spread of disease. Now is the perfect time to clean out the feeders and refill the birdbath.


Hoggies need Hedges!

Lots of hedgehogs live in gardens and they travel up to a mile a night inbetween gardens! To help your hedgehog ditch the hard landscaping the solid fence and the concrete and add a little more greenery, and if poss plan your wildlife hedge! We've put ours in a Wiggly line through the middle of the garden which also makes a sort of garden room effect.


Preach to your Neighbours..

Well maybe not but Wildlife usually roams across an area bigger than your garden, so if there's any chance of getting together and spreading the word on wildlife, it will really help.

There are so many things you can talk about, Maybe avoiding the use of pesticides - How to start a birdfeeding station or what plants are bee-friendly. Go on, lure them in with a glass of wine and start talking butterflies :) You never know they might enjoy it!




Attract more birds by giving them better food

Us humans do like good quality farm food and so it is unsurprising that our feathered friends like a quality offering as well. Avoid cheap mixes with lots of filler (some even have dog biscuit in them!) and go for a wheat free option if you can.



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