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LIVE! Mealworms

Live Mealworms (Tenebrio molitor) are our best selling live food, and the number one choice for feeding wild birds. They are the larvae of the Flour Beetle, a native British insect which eats flour, meal, grain and other related crops. - Very popular with wild birds. - Consists of over 50% crude protein - Completely safe and natural to use. - Suitable for Soft bills, insectivorous birds and Finches - From our farm to your feeder.

3 tubs of mealworms (120g) - £4.95

6 tubs of mealworms (240g) - £9.55

250g bag of mealworms - £9.55

500g bag of mealworms - £13.05

12 tubs of mealworms (480g) - £19.10

1kg bag of mealworms - £19.10

2kg of mealworms - £37.00

5kg of mealworms - £91.25

PLEASE READ: Orders under 2kg, where the £3.95 delivery option is selected, are automatically sent with Royal Mail 1st Class. Please note that this can take 1-3 days to arrive depending on the postal service in your area. Larger orders will be automatically sent via courier on a 48 hour service. If you would prefer the order to be sent via courier, please select the £5.95 Next Day option and choose a delivery date from the calendar. Ordering for delivery overseas. We are able to dispatch live mealworms overseas but please note that this will incur an extra delivery charge and we would not be able to guarantee the condition of the mealworms upon arrival or issue a refund. By paying the extra delivery charge, you are agreeing to accept the order at your own risk.


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Live Mealworms (Tenebrio molitor) are our best selling live food, and the number one choice for feeding wild birds. They are the larvae of the Flour Beetle, a native British insect which eats flour, meal, grain and other related crops. Their bodies are made up of over 48% crude protein and 40% fat making them an excellent, proven food for all insect eating garden birds.

Robins, as you can see from the photo here, just love them. They are the perfect food for young chicks and adults alike.

How to store: Mealworms can easily be stored in a garage or utility room because they are clean and odourless. They keep well at room temperature. Should you wish to store them for longer you can transfer them to the warmest part of your fridge, away from the icebox. Approx 230 worms per 40g .

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Customer Reviews

ducks love them Review by diana
we bought these for our 4 pet ducks for christmas.
i have given them some already,our call duck wasn't sure about them at first but after seeing the others eating them she soon tucked in.we have a blackbird that like's them too.
My Lesser Tenrec and Brazilian Short Tailed Opossum, go silly for them! Review by Donna
I buy a 1kg bag at a time, that's an awful lot of mealworms in one go,
They turn up in Two nice strong new brown paper sacks, that have been securely chain stitched, they open easy peasy by picking the cotton at one end, and the whole chain unravels,
I transfer them into two 9ltr "very useful boxes" with two strips of Weetabix breakfast cereal biscuits (24 biscuits) in each box, I crumble up one of the packets, and then place the whole biscuits of the remaining packet on the top, I then add two long sticks of Celery to provide moisture, each two sticks last approx 3 days, the mealworms chew them until invisible. At the moment, I keep my mealworm boxes in a plastic garden tool cabinet with the doors open, near to my back door, but will be moving them to the utility room just before first real frosts come,
When I first got my exotic buddies, I was horrified to find out they eat live mealworms, I was really frightened of them, I now have got so used to them, I have no problem picking them up by hand, they are so clean and spotless, and please note, they do NOT smell like dried mealworms, not at all, they actually are far more pleasant to handle than the dry ones, honestly, if anything, they may smell of Weetabix, they are dry, not slimy (as I first thought)
I would also highly recommend using maybe five or six young mealworms in a small mammal carry case, or Tupperware type sandwich box, as a first pet for a young child, they live a surprisingly long time, they will help a young child not to be scared of insects and creepy crawlies, they also are fascinating to watch, and when it's time they turn into (what I call) "mini white aliens" that wriggle when gently touched, they are dormant for a couple of weeks, then they emerge as a nice little harmless shiny darkling beetle, they then breed, lay eggs, and after a couple of months, the tiniest, near microscopic, baby mealworms can be seen,
So the cycle starts again,
Do not hesitate to buy these live mealworms, they are very good and healthy looking, and are fantastic value for money buying in bulk.
I actually do feel a bit guilty feeding them to my "Snoozy" and "Teddy"
always satisfied Review by Bernard
sorry no complaints
loved by my chickens , cockerels and the wild birds Review by WENDY
not only do the wild birds love these but my chickens and cockerels do as well ... They are top quality mealworms only the best for my birds .. service is excellent they sure do look after their customers .. Well Done to all Staff and Workers your service to customer care is very much Appreciated (posted on 09/09/2018)
Wonderful mealworms, so popular they are soon out of stock. Review by Di
Excellent service and great mealworms. It's wonderful to try to help our feathered friends through the breeding season and beyond when possible. The mealworms encourage thrushes to visit the garden and of course the wrens, bluetits, longtailed tits and blackbirds.
Service and Quality excellent Review by Claire
I have recently started having the live meal worms from Wriggers the quality is a high standard and I have Great Tits and Robins feeding from a small ground feeding tray I hold.
We have had new Great Tit fledglings bombing round the garden waiting for the worms. and the robin hops round my feet, I smile each time they eat as I know im am making there lives a little easier, they also have other food to forage so I don't feel they are dependant on what I supply, its just extras. Thank you for the good delivery services too round of applause for all involved thank you Claire
Amazing Review by Imogen
The birds in our garden love these! Also customer service was excellent the mealworms got lost in the post a replacement was sent out within the hour free of charge fantastic service will we buying more!
BIrds & Hedgehogs love 'em Review by sandra
We attract birds to our patio with sunflower hearts and we recently started ordering live mealworms.
At first they weren't interested (I also bought a hanging live work feeder from Wiggley Wigglers) so we put some worms in a bowl on the floor.
Still no interest, but instead we had prickly evening visitors (hedgehogs, we call then Sonic1 and Sonic2) and the sound they make when they eat the worms is adorable. They come every evening to pick up their snacks.
So I carried on buying the worms for the hedgeghogs.
Now, hey presto the birds and grabbing them too.
The worms are well packaged and arrive making a funny rustling sound. They are very lively when we first get them and you can hear them all moving. They eat lettuce leaves and porridge oats when they come for their short stay with us.
great for london birdlife Review by jr
Have had these for several years now, and lovely to attract birds to a london garden. very easy to attract robin to eat from your hand with a little patience. For about 5 years had a very tame robin who would eat from my hand and perch on the laptop as we worked outside... ( or jump up and down on the fence outside the kitchen if we were late out)

.. sadly he is not gone, but the new robin "asbo robin" - ( he is a bit aggressive to the others!) is just begining to flutter quickly and take from my hand. This winter should cement that. I only feed by hand or worms in a hanging thing from the tree as cats are a problem here. Other birds also love them wrens, blackbirds and any bird feeding its young. Lovely to have so many birds within 100 yards of A23 - and feel I am doing y bit to keep the urban population up.

Storage - I buy the 500 g bag + decant into used margarine tubs and keep in the bottom of a spare fridge we have outside. I have a bag of bran to top up the feed if the worms need it .
Robins and small birds Review by Barbara
We have a robin..or three, that appear in our garden around 4pm each day. I put mealworms out for them in three different spots and they love them. I do it this way because we are overrun with greedy pigeons and starlings in the mornings who steal and eat everything I put out.

If I am late or forget the robins sit on the fence and chirrup to remind me.
Excellent service Review by John
I ordered these at 13:10 on Thursday and they arrived Friday morning at 8am. I have ordered the mealworms from Wiggly a number of times now and received the same excellent service each time. Having been regularly badly let down on delivery by other competing companies this was great.

The product itself is very good quality and packaged well.

Until now the robins have been regular visitors but they seem to have stopped breeding now so only occasionally pop in - also the blue and great tits. However, for the first time this year we have blackbirds nesting in our garden who aboslutely love the mealworms.

We put the mealworms in a ceramic pot inside a caged feeder which is great for the sparrows (still going mad for them), tits and robins but keeps the big birds out. Any that are dropped are quickly mopped up by the starlings and blackbirds.

However the male blackbird has now become very friendly and gets his own personal supply from the back door step - as does the robin. The robin has been known to come into the house demanding mealworms when the have run out.

The blackbird also brought his two chicks to tne back door to feed - to see this close up was amazing. They are now on their second brood so fingers crossed.

I would highly recommend this product and Wiggly to anyone. Thank you very much Wiggly!
What a difference! Review by Christina
I have three chickens. As a treat I normally give them dried mealworm with mixed corn, but recently I bought some live mealworm and the difference is amazing.

When offering the dried mealworm and trying to get them back into their run after a bit of freedom, they would look at me when I called then go right back to foraging. However, with the live mealworm, I call once and they are all crowding round and jumping on top of each other, so it is way easier to get them back in now.

Buying from Wiggly's is great as they are good value for money and you can order as much or as little as you want. The larger size comes in a thick brown envelope.
Mealworms Review by Madds
The robins in our garden love these the only problem is how to stop them fighting amongst each other over the worms.
We now have several robins waiting for us in the morning on the fence for their daily treat.
The wife was a little worried about handling worms but she now has no such concerns as the worms supplied are lovely clean & odourless Wiggling away in their fresh bran and as they are supplied in little plastic tubs she just pour them straight into a dish out to the waiting flock