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Happy New Year! Meet the latest addition to the WW Composting Family - Bokashi Organko 2!

The Bokashi Organko 2 is the star of next-generation products for the responsible management of the environment. It surprises with its superior form. It impresses with its usefulness. Instead of hiding it in the corners of your home, you will want to place it in the centre of attention on the kitchen counter.

ORDER NOW! Single Bin £95 or Two bins and 1kg of Bokashi for £174!

PLUS Each bin comes with a FREE GIFT! A robust wooden chopping board from Skaza. Perfect for food preparation or as a rustic stand for your new compost bin!

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Feed the birds!

Their lives may depend upon you!

A bird can use 10% of its body weight to keep warm on a cold winter night, so if they arrive at your garden expecting to find food and there is none, they may have no other source. It can literally be the difference between life and death.

There are two distinct species of birds that come to feed; the first are the original woodland species including the blackbird, robin, song thrush, blue and great tits and chaffinch. The second are open country or farmland birds such as the starling, goldfinch and house sparrow and in the winter siskin, brambling and redpoll.

View our full range of Birdseed here

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Our Wiggly Winter Sale is On NOW!

We hope you had a fantastic Christmas!

Welcome to The Wiggly Winter Sale, with great savings off of some of our Bestselling Products and Winter Essentials. Some festive savings to thank our loyal customers for all of their custom throughout 2019 and to welcome new customers to Wiggly Wigglers for 2020! 


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