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Why Worm Composting?

If you're looking to get started with Worm Composting, please Wiggle on over to​ and take a look at our Urbalive Worm Composters!

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#grownnotflown Seasonal Arrangements from The Great British Florist - 24th December 2019

All our fresh flower arrangements are over on our sister site The Great British Florist Our cutting patch supplies many of our blooms here on the farm and we use a network of other British flower farmers which deliver direct into our farm floristry. We design and put together each individual posy from the mix of seasonal scented flowers which are then despatched via courier on a next day delivery service. We despatch Monday – Thursday so deliveries are between Tuesday and Friday to ensure your flowers are always fresh. If we need to supplement our flower supplies we only use...

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Starting just after Christmas - 24 Days of Wiggly Deals! Only at

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Seed Spotlight: Farmer Phil's British Mix

This birdfeed is not just designed for British Birds (although it is perfect for them), no, this is British Mix because it's grown in British fields by Farmer Phil and some of his friends.

There is no compromise on quality, it includes Phil's special, high protein, Indigo wheat plus unrolled oats, black sunflower seeds, rape seeds, millet, linseed, canary seed and a little oyster grit. For year round use.

Made in Britain: Lots of birdfoods cant be grown here (think peanuts for one) This mix is grown by Farmer Phil and his friends.

Cost effective: Less transport, home grown = value for money.

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Wondering if Bokashi composting is something you should be doing? Look no further! In this video, Heather explains the kind of people that benefit from Bokashi composting as well as it's benefits for the environment and your garden.

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