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The Wiggly Podcast - Episode 265 - From the Spud Shed to the Cattle Yard

Apologies for the Background noise in the spud shed - please skip to 13:36 if you wish to skip that part.

In this episode, join Heather, Trish and Phil in the packing shed as they pack up potatoes that have been donated for Rotary food parcels by Ian Prior. They discuss the difference between a 'NEW Potato' and the others, how Farmer Phil came to be receiving some money from the Potato man and (just about) the extent of Phil's potato knowledge.

Then Join Heather and Phil in the cattle yard as they chat about the fun and games that our calves like to get up to... They then delve into the world of manure and then discuss 'Yorkshire Boarding' and how it's used to keep our cattle well ventilated. Lastly, Phil discusses the changes that have been made to the farm since the first inception of the podcast, namely that we have fewer cattle... and he drops a possible bombshell about the environmental sections of the farm...


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Introducing our NEW Wiggly Catalogue!

If you're looking for all our updated products and prices, our NEW Wiggly Catalogue is what you need! 

It's got a very special offer for our bestselling bags of seed, a fabulous bundle (to help your birds and charity) and every wiggly product + details!

We've got it in paper form, which can be ordered here and also digital form, which you can download by leaving your email and the bottom of the page.

This year we aren't automatically mailing them out to everyone, but you can, of course, request one online and we will post it to you in just a few days.

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Using your Worm Compost: as a Compost

The compost is very rich in nutrients and organic matter and can be used as an excellent medium to grow plants in. It is rich in soluble plant foods and its fine crumbly texture will greatly improve soil structure. It is not necessary to sterilise the compost before using it in the garden, its bacterial content comprises beneficial species which will not harm your plants. It can be used in all the situations where compost is normally used, for example when planting seeds or shrubs; or as a top dressing for fast growing plants.

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They're Back! Our Cream and Brown Urbalives!

Due to popular demand, we have again increased our choice of Urbalive colours!
The Urbalive Worm Composter is a kit that can be used indoors or outdoors for composting kitchen waste with the red worms.
Get a Worm Composter + everything you'll need to get it started (and keep it running happily) for £159.95!
For more info + colours, wiggle on over to

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British Bird of the Month: House Sparrow


The House Sparrow is a common and easily dismissed bird whose constant chirruping is a familiar sound of many British gardens. Their population has declined by around 75% in the last 25 years and they have even disappeared from some parts of Britain, particularly densely urbanised areas. It is now on the conservation red list.

The House Sparrow can still be found in many parts of the world. Early settlers used to take them with them to remind them of home.  The males and females are quite different with the female much drabber. The male could be confused for the much scarcer Tree Sparrow  The size of the male’s black bib indicates the dominance of the male bird within its community and the bigger the bib, the more dominant the bird.

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