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What's in the NEW Wiggly Birdy Box for August 2020?

Birdy Box is a regular supply of wild bird food, tailored to the passing seasons and delivered to your door. Every Birdy Box contains the essentials, such as one of our Wiggly Seed Mixes, but each month there's a different collection of extras too. It's a great way of ensuring you always have a seasonal supply of food for your wild birds in the house. NOW WITH MORE SAVINGS AND SEED THAN BEFORE! This month our Birdy Box Contains; British Mix Wiggly Seed Extra Black Sunflower Seed PLUS SAVINGS UP TO 30%!  Our Birdy Box comes in 3 Sizes to suit any budget,...

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Are your Urbalive worm composters rodent proof?

The fab thing about our tray composter system is that 1: It's off the floor so very unlikely to be attacked by rodents and 2: Worms compost waste as you add it so they really help to neutralise the odours. We have had no problems with rodents with Urbalive or other tray system worm composters. For more help with Worm Composting please visit our Wiggly Wizard knowledge base here Or if you want more info about purchasing a wormery or starting worm composting please pop on over to

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Looking for treats for your Robins? Why not order our Special Robin Bundle & SAVE £10! PLUS FREE Birdfeeding Guide!

Try our Robin Starter Bundle if you want to provide a good start for your family of robins as it includes the right sort of feeder, a good selection of food, and our starter guide to looking after your garden birds. 3kg of Mealworm Suet Pellets 6kg Huskless Mix 1 medium One Feeder 3kg Raisins Price if purchased separately £57.50Save £10 Bundle price £47.50 and get our free downloadable guide to starting feeding your birds!

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Why Should You Join Our Mailing List?

We really do think that we have the best mailing list about, it's a jam-packed email that arrives each week, with a healthy dose of garden tips, a pinch of special offers, a dose of new products and a dollop of wiggly charm :) Signing up only take 30 seconds - simply leave your email here and click the link in the confirmation email to confirm your subscription. We'll email you around once a week and NEVER share your information with anyone else.

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SUPERCHARGE THOSE WORMS! What to do to help your worms be the best they can!

Worms are the fastest natural composters and eat about half their body weight everyday. You will see the evidence of where they are working by the tiny flecks of compost in your kit which will be all through the waste and on the sides of your kit. You will see this builds up faster in the lower trays and the worms will gradually migrate upwards working through the fresher waste.

To ensure they are as efficient as possible there are couple ways of encouraging them to get a wiggle on!

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