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Seed Spotlight: Wiggly Seed Extra

Our Wiggly Seed Extra recipe has been specially formulated to be less appealing to larger birds, which can monopolise the bird table. Wiggly Seed Extra, has a wheat-free recipe with an extra-high oil content. This is a really premium mix mixed and bagged here on the farm, perfect for your feeders as it flows perfectly. Will attract all sorts of birds because of the multitude of ingredients.

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Last Day to order Flowers for Mothering Sunday!

The Big Day is just days away! This year we've created a Dried Flower Wreath which your Mum will just adore or you can send one of our four Seasonal Flower Arrangements - featuring fabulous spring blooms! ORDER BEFORE 4PM TODAY TO GUARANTEE DELIVERY FOR THE BIG DAY! You can choose delivery on Saturday 21st March and Sunday 22nd March (Mothering Sunday) for £12. (LIMITED SLOTS ARE AVAILABLE) Seasonal Garden Flower Arrangements - FROM £39 #grownnotflown Flowers. If you want to order some fresh flowers - these country garden hand-tied seasonal arrangements are just the ticket. These arrangements change with...

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Replenish tired and impoverished soils the natural way... with lots of extra worms.

Every worm in your garden acts as an intelligent micro-plough, aerating, draining and feeding the soil as it goes. Our Garden Worms can also be used to re-introduce worms into the gardens on new housing estates, where building work has driven off the native worms. Restock with Garden Worms and help ensure the survival of your expensive new planting. Use these Lob worms (Lumbricus terrestris) to increase the numbers of worms in your garden. Deep burrowing garden earthworms such as these improve your soil from the bottom up and also encourage wildlife such as birds and hedgehogs to visit. Use...

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Our Perfect Posies ❤️

Our posies are bouquets in miniature... they are the perfect gift for anyonewho appreciates natural beauty and the changing seasons. A posymakes a lovely present when you want to send love and best wishes and they are a particular favourite to send new baby congratulations or good wishes for a new home. Each one is unique and our florists choose a variety of blooms which have been grown for their colour, their scent and because we think they are just delightful. They are naturally scented (and you know how much your loved one will love that) Grown not Flown (in...

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Why We LOVE Our Fresh Flower Posies :)

For this year's Mother's Day (or any other occasion) we really do believe our fabulous fresh Posies are the absolute best thing someone could receive. Despatched from our farm floristry, these are perfectly sized arrangements for a 2pint jug or vase, they may be shorter than our deluxe bouquets, but they have just as many stems. No two posies are ever the same and the flowers change week by week through the seasons, at the moment think Alstromeria, Narcissi, Tulips and much more in a whole range of vibrant colours. Sent with our courier, they're perfect for sending at the moment - especially...

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