Using your Worm Compost as a top dressing

Worm compost is very rich in nutrients and organic matter and can be used as an excellent medium to grow plants in. It is rich in soluble plant foods and its fine crumbly texture will greatly improve soil structure. It is not necessary to sterilise the compost before using it in the garden, its bacterial content comprises beneficial species which will not harm your plants. It can be used in all the situations where compost is normally used, for example when planting seeds or shrubs; or as a top dressing for fast growing plants.

House plants in pots eventually use up the supply of fertilisers in their soil. Top dressing with Worm Compost is the ideal way to replenish the nutrient levels. Scoop out the top 12mm of compost from the pot and replace with fresh Worm Compost, then gently mix this in. The foodstuffs in the Worm Compost will be carried down to the roots by watering.

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