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How to Keep Your Composting Worms Happy

Urbalive is the new face of Worm Composting  In this video Heather gives you a few top tips on keeping your worms (and Urbalive Wormery) running happily! From what items you will need regularly to a few do's and don'ts hopefully this video will help maintain your worm composter for years and years. Order yours today at

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How to Get Started with Worm Composting

Urbalive is the new face of Worm Composting In this video Heather shows you all the steps to get your Urbalive worm composter up and running, including what to do with the bedding block, how many worms to use and how much material to include in your first go. Order yours today at  

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Worm Composting Q and A's

How do the worms breed?

Red worms are hermaphrodites which means they are both male and female (although it does take two to tango). They produce eggs or capsules from the saddleback which you will see on the 13th segment on their bodies. The egg looks like a tomato pip and starts off a yellowy-green colour and as they age they go a brownish-red. Each one will have between 5 and 15 tiny worms inside, and these take about 10 days or so to hatch out.

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Bokashi Composting FAQ's

The main questions we get asked with Bokashi are;   Q: How much Bokashi should I add? A: About a handful every time you add waste works really well – there’s no point in overdoing it – you will soon get the hang of what’s working.   Q: What about mould? A: Don’t worry about mould – it’s all part of the process – just make sure you keep the kit airtight and carry on.   Q: The liquid feed and bokashi smells.. A: Keep the lid on and empty it outside – it’s natural for it to smell –...

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