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What will my worms eat this Christmas?

Start Composting at Christmas this year... Our Christmas and New Year festivities deliver lots of occasions involving HUGE amounts of food. Many cultures all over the World make it a point to eat specific meats, fruits and vegetables - YUM. Whilst worms can’t deal with too much meat or fact they do like a huge variety of other foods. Don’t let your worms miss out this year! Cabbage stalks Melon rinds Carrots Coffee Grounds Avocado skins Teabags Bread Cereal (unsweetened) Pasta (plain) Cucumbers Lettuce Squash In fact just about all fruit and veg leftovers (don’t overdo the acidic waste like...

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Composting at Christmas

A huge amount of Christmas waste can be composted this Christmas and it’s a great time to get started as it’s a time of year where we humans do produce a good deal of waste and if you get composting it should free up valuable space in your general bin!  In fact why not ask for a Wormery or a Bokashi kit for Christmas? It’s a great gift and it has all the best ingredients for a present… Instructions - Live WORMS - mess…. Seriously if you are going to send an Urbalive Worm Composting Kit as a...

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Why are my worms determined to escape?

When you first set up the kit

Your worm bin is not designed to house your worms so that they cannot escape - in fact worms can get through virtually any crack‚ The point is to make your wormery as attractive to the worms as possible so that they stay put. If you think of worms in a wooden composter or a compost heap these don't need to imprison the worms; the worms stay if conditions are favourable and so that‚Äôs what we aim to provide.

When you first set up your worm composting kit and add your worms - it's a bit like taking the cat to a new house‚ There is a tendency to explore and head for the exit... Once they are settled into their new home and established their burrows they are less likely to run for home but here are a few ways you can help minimise the losses.

Set up your worms in the morning and once you have put the bedding into your kit and the worms in with it add some kitchen waste and leave the lid off all day. Worms go away from the light so this helps to ensure they start to get established. If the kit is outside, accept a few losses and repeat the next day and gradually you will find your worms will settle down. If you are keeping them in a shed then leaving the light on and the lid off will also help.

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WW Video: Why Worm Composting?

 Urbalive is the new face of Worm Composting. In this video Heather explains why you should consider giving Worm Composting a go - all of the benefits you can gain from using lovely Wiggly Wigglers to chomp on your kitchen waste. She also shows off our NEW worm composter, the Urbalive! Order yours today at

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Unboxing the Urbalive Worm Composter

Urbalive is the new face of Worm Composting In this video Heather gives you the very first sneak peek at our new Worm Composter the Urbalive! Join her as she opens the box, shows you all of the contents and components and reveals what special extras are also included! Order yours today at

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