The 5 Tips for great Worm Composting 2

The following tips represent the result of a great deal of experience in worm-assisted composting. Please read them carefully and try to follow their advice. If you follow them properly you will have a contented stock of worms which, in due course, will produce for you a steady stream of rich dark compost.

1 Worms are not happy in conditions that are acidic (pH less than 6). If you have a pH meter check the contents regularly, pH7 is ideal, pH6 to 8 is acceptable. To prevent acidity avoid adding any very acidic wastes such as citric fruits or onions. Sprinkle a handful of Wiggly Wigglers Lime Mix onto the surface of the waste every couple of weeks, this will counteract the natural acidity of much kitchen waste.

2 Worms like dark moist conditions so keeping a moisture mat on top of the freshest waste will ensure that your worm composter doesn't start to dry out. Don't allow the contents to become waterlogged as this will lead to a lack of air in the bin. The contents of your Urbalive should be as moist as a freshly wrung sponge.

3 It will take a couple of months for the liquid feed to build up but then you should drain the sump in the Collector Tray frequently, depending on how much liquid you are getting, by opening the Tap. The liquid that you drain off makes an excellent houseplant and tomato feed. Dilute it with ten parts water before use.

4 If too much water gets into your kit and the contents become waterlogged you will need to drain off the excess liquid from the sump. Then try to dry out the contents by mixing in some shredded newspaper or cardboard (glossy magazine-style paper is bad, toilet roll centres are good). As you mix in the paper try to 'fluff up' the contents to aerate the system. If your kit is producing a lot of liquid fertiliser, or rainwater gets into the kit, it can be a good idea to leave the tap open with a container underneath. (Rainwater may occasionally get in as the lid is not airtight).

5 Avoid all oral contact with the bin's contents and remember to wash your hands afterwards.

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