What is Hot Composting?

Hot composting is a method of composting where organic material is piled in a specific way and kept at a high temperature in order to speed up the decomposition process. This method typically results in finished compost within a few weeks to a couple of months, depending on the materials used and the size of the pile. Hot composting requires regular turning and monitoring of the temperature to ensure proper decomposition.

What are the benefits of hot composting?

There are several benefits to hot composting, including:

Faster decomposition: Hot composting speeds up the decomposition process, allowing for finished compost in a shorter amount of time than traditional cold composting.

Killing of pathogens and weed seeds: High temperatures reached during hot composting can kill off pathogens and weed seeds, resulting in a cleaner, safer finished product.

Greater nutrient retention: The high temperatures reached during hot composting can result in greater retention of beneficial nutrients in the finished compost.

Reduced odour: Hot composting can reduce the odour associated with traditional cold composting, as the high temperatures promote the breakdown of organic matter, resulting in fewer odours.

More efficient use of space: Hot composting can be more efficient in terms of space, as it requires a smaller area to produce the same amount of compost compared to traditional cold composting.

Reduce greenhouse gas emissions: Hot composting can reduce the amount of methane and carbon dioxide emissions that are produced in landfills.

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