The Wiggly Podcast - Episode 265 - From the Spud Shed to the Cattle Yard

Apologies for the Background noise in the spud shed - please skip to 13:36 if you wish to skip that part.

In this episode, join Heather, Trish and Phil in the packing shed as they pack up potatoes that have been donated for Rotary food parcels by Ian Prior. They discuss the difference between a 'NEW Potato' and the others, how Farmer Phil came to be receiving some money from the Potato man and (just about) the extent of Phil's potato knowledge.

Then Join Heather and Phil in the cattle yard as they chat about the fun and games that our calves like to get up to... They then delve into the world of manure and then discuss 'Yorkshire Boarding' and how it's used to keep our cattle well ventilated. Lastly, Phil discusses the changes that have been made to the farm since the first inception of the podcast, namely that we have fewer cattle... and he drops a possible bombshell about the environmental sections of the farm...


 At this difficult time we are not allowing visitors onto Lower Blakemere Farm, but don't fret you can still get a peek into life on the Wiggly farm with our New Wiggly Podcast! If you're as sad as we are about The Archers skipping a day, then we've got your Friday fix right here.

Each Friday, join the Gorringes (The Archers of Blakemere) for a new episode - including Heather's wiggly updates, the farming catch-up with Farmer Phil, the return of the (now older) Monty Cast and lots of other interviews!

So run a bath (or whatever you do when you listen to podcasts) settle in and let us invite you for a slice of country life from the heart of Herefordshire.

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At one point The Wiggly Podcast was the #1 gardening Podcast on iTunes and even made it onto the homepage - Episode 1-259 is available on our YouTube page here

If you have a question to ask Farmer Phil or Heather (whether it's about bird food, farming, composting, country life or anything else...) Please leave it at the page below and we will feature it in our new segment ASK WIGGLY/ ASK FARMER PHIL!


Here at Wiggly HQ we are always keen to support wildlife and we know you are as well. Bringing our gardens to life has always been a fundamental principal of what we do – whether that is using worms or micro-organisms to compost our waste or simply feed the birds.

We realised early on we needed to do our bit here to help these situations and so we have pledged our support in two ways:

1: We will give £1 for every order over £30 received during this crisis

2: We will add a box onto our order form where you the customer can add a donation which we can add to the fund.This is going really well and so far we have accumulated over £1000 and so we are ready to give out the first set of grants.

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