Wiggly Corona and Wildlife

Here at Wiggly HQ we are always keen to support wildlife and we know you are as well. Bringing our gardens to life has always been a fundamental principal of what we do – whether that is using worms or micro-organisms to compost our waste or simply feed the birds.

Anyway, we have been approached by several small wildlife charities that are really struggling during this Covid 19 crisis and we are concerned that they may get forgotten in the rush to support all sorts of other situations that are arising out of this dreadful disease.

The emails that we have received from several wildlife volunteer groups have two main issues 1: Their funding sources have dried up and 2: Their volunteers are unable to help any more because of the dangers.

We realised early on we needed to do our bit here to help these situations and so we have pledged our support in two ways:
1: We will give £1 for every order over £40 received during this crisis
2: We will add a box onto our order form where you the customer can add a donation which we can add to the fund.This is going really well and so far we have accumulated over £1000 and so we are ready to give out the first set of grants.

If you know of a small wildlife charity or wildlife volunteer group that is genuinely struggling due to Covid 19 please pass this onto them.If they would like to apply for a £200 grant from us all they need to do is to read the criteria carefully and fill in the application form and we will assess the applications and support as many as we can.