The Bokashi Beginnings

When the call came from a trade customer to say please can you make Bokashi - I said “yes”…. What is it please?

Turns out this was a great way of diversifying seed production on the farm and Farmer Phil set his mind to it and in due course had not only made some but it was stable and dry as well. With a few ideas he was able to mix a good quantity of bran mollasses and Effective Micro-organisms in a compost mixer… then he transferred each half tonne into a silage bag… then he used a Henry hoover to ensure all the air was taken from the bags whilst the bran fermented and then… he used the empty grain drying floor to dry the product! WOW!

We became the largest producer of Bokashi in the UK in a few weeks and since then we have supplied many many local authorities and individuals throughout the UK with Bokashi Kits and Bokashi Bran to recycle their kitchen waste the easiest possible way and improve garden soil with no landfill needed. From what I can see the trend for this method is growing by the month here in the UK but we still have a GOOD WAY TO GO before we catch up with the Scandanavians who are years ahead.

Here’s Richard adding the finished product into one of the Wiggly Raised Beds in 2010 and we are still at it in 2021…
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