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How to Get Started with Worm Composting

Urbalive is the new face of Worm Composting In this video Heather shows you all the steps to get your Urbalive worm composter up and running, including what to do with the bedding block, how many worms to use and how much material to include in your first go. Order yours today at  

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Worm Composting Q and A's

How do the worms breed?

Red worms are hermaphrodites which means they are both male and female (although it does take two to tango). They produce eggs or capsules from the saddleback which you will see on the 13th segment on their bodies. The egg looks like a tomato pip and starts off a yellowy-green colour and as they age they go a brownish-red. Each one will have between 5 and 15 tiny worms inside, and these take about 10 days or so to hatch out.

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Harvesting your Worm Compost!

Gradually add waste until the top tray is completely full. This will take longer than you think because every time you add waste and the worms process it - it drastically reduces in volume. At this stage most of the worms will be in the Top Tray - the Bottom Tray will contain fully worked waste, ie worm casts. Now is the time to take out the Bottom Working Tray and harvest the rich casts. Once you have emptied this Bottom Working Tray it goes back on the top of the pile becoming the new Top Working Tray and you start adding scraps here to begin the process all over again.

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The Wiggly Podcast - Episode 268 - The Morning Commute (to a very naughty Bull)

In this episode join Heather and Phil on their very long (across the yard) commute to work. They discuss Phil's boots before Heather pops into the floristry to chat to the lovely Lydia and Trish about what blooms we currently have in stock. Our fresh flowers can be ordered from

On the way, they see Our new worm superstar, Cookie, who lets you know how many worms he can send each week and chat to Monty who's cleaning out the grain store ready for this year's harvest. Finally Phil and Heather visit Puffin, our young Bull, who's been put into isolation after some amorous adventures to visit the neighbours' cows... Who know cows could jump fences and hedges :)

In this week's ASK WIGGLY, Heather gives advice on how to introduce a new tray to your worm composter.


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