Worm Composting Q and A's

 How do the worms breed?

Red worms are hermaphrodites which means they are both male and female (although it does take two to tango). They produce eggs or capsules from the saddleback which you will see on the 13th segment on their bodies. The egg looks like a tomato pip and starts off a yellowy-green colour and as they age they go a brownish-red. Each one will have between 5 and 15 tiny worms inside, and these take about 10 days or so to hatch out.

Will I end up with too many worms in my worm composter?

The worms will breed to match your food supply. They regulate their numbers and size to match the conditions. As the adults eat the waste and move upwards the eggs hatch out so to make best use of your wormery you need to add waste really regularly. 

What is the average life expectancy of the worms?

Without predators to chomp them in the wormery worms will live for upwards of three years! Compare that to most creatures of their size and you can start to understand why Mr Charles Darwin found them so fascinating! PS Worms show no visible signs of aging either, I understand they have done trials in face creams!

Does the Urbalive Worm Compost smell?

The worms like to eat the food when it has gone soft, but before it rots. This is why it doesn't smell. Usually, if it's starting to smell, it means it's either getting overfed, or it needs a little more fibrous material added. (Worm treat, leaves, shredded paper, cardboard etc)

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