Five TIPS for making Bokashi in the Winter

Cold weather can slow down the bokashi fermentation process, but with a few tweaks, you can still successfully make bokashi compost in colder temperatures.

Here are some tips to help you with bokashi composting in cold weather:

  1. Increase the Amount of Bokashi Bran: In colder weather, you might need to increase the amount of bokashi bran you use. The extra microorganisms can help speed up fermentation despite the lower temperatures.
  2. Keep the Bokashi Bin Indoors: If you have the space, consider keeping the bokashi bin indoors. The warmer indoor temperatures can provide a more favourable environment for fermentation.
  3. Pre-Chop Waste: Chopping or cutting your food waste into smaller pieces before adding it to the bokashi bin can help accelerate the fermentation process, as smaller particles will break down more quickly.
  4. Mix Contents More: Stirring the contents of the bokashi bin more frequently can help distribute heat and encourage better fermentation. It also ensures that the waste and bokashi bran are thoroughly mixed.
  5. Combine with Traditional Composting: If you have an outdoor compost heap, you can bury the fermented bokashi waste. The heat generated by the traditional composting process can help continue the breakdown of the waste even in cold weather, and will really help your conventional composting too.


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