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Spring is a great season to start composting!

We are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of the diet we consume. We care about what we eat, we look for ways to grow food at home, and we follow the path of giving back to nature what it has given us.

In the spring, those who own gardens think about how to prepare the soil for the summer season to make it as fertile and as high quality as possible for the best crop, which will last until next spring. (Urban) gardeners are aware of the importance of composting, but at the same time, we want to thank nature by returning its charms, as we know that it will reward us if we treat it properly.

Composting needs to be included in the daily routine as soon as possible, but in the early spring months, this has no real effect as temperatures are often below zero. As a result, bio-waste that is composted in a traditional way often freezes, so the whole composting process is not properly completed and it loses its nutritional value.

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What on EARTH is Bokashi?!

Bokashi is a Japanese word for fermenting so unlike most composting methods your aim is not to produce a fabulous friable earthy compost (you need worms for that) but rather you will end up with a bit of a yukky mush… *technical term… However, get things right with Bokashi and you can deal with all sorts of waste (including meat and cooked scraps) and in large quantities and you will have a liquid feed, a natural drain cleaner and a fertiliser that can be used directly under your plants or added to a conventional compost bin to really activate it!...

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Bokashi Composting FAQ's

The main questions we get asked with Bokashi are;   Q: How much Bokashi should I add? A: About a handful every time you add waste works really well – there’s no point in overdoing it – you will soon get the hang of what’s working.   Q: What about mould? A: Don’t worry about mould – it’s all part of the process – just make sure you keep the kit airtight and carry on.   Q: The liquid feed and bokashi smells.. A: Keep the lid on and empty it outside – it’s natural for it to smell –...

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There's not a whole lot that can go wrong with Bokashi - but in this video, Heather answers some questions people normally have about the system, clears up some confusion and gives her top tips to keep your Bokashi composting system running happily :)

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