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9kg British Maize Fatballs


Flutter Butter 330g - Buggy


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Flutter Butter 330g - Fruity


Suet Cake Cage Feeder


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Flutter Butter Hanging Feeder


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Feeding fats and suets to garden birds can be a beneficial practice, especially during colder months or breeding seasons when birds require extra energy. These high-calorie foods provide essential nutrients and help birds maintain their body temperature in harsh weather conditions. Offering these foods in specialized feeders or as part of homemade bird treats can attract a diverse range of avian visitors to your garden, providing both enjoyment for birdwatchers and crucial support for wild bird populations. Regular cleaning of feeders is also essential to prevent the spread of disease. Overall, incorporating fats and suets into bird feeding routines can contribute to the health and well-being of garden birds while enhancing the outdoor experience for bird enthusiasts.