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Bokashi Composting



Starting a Bokashi composting kit to deal with your food waste is an environmentally responsible choice with huge and multiple benefits. Just take a moment and imagine the difference this could make if we all dealt with our own food waste.

  • Landfill: In the UK, food waste accounts for approximately 20% of the total household waste sent to landfill (source: WRAP). If every household actively managed their food waste, it could significantly reduce the burden on landfills and limit methane emissions.
  • Soil: Healthier Soil, Tastier Veggies: By recycling food scraps into nutrient-packed compost, we can boost soil health, leading to more delicious and nutritious homegrown vegetables while supporting our own gut health from the ground up.
  • Money: Save Money, Help Your Town or Village: When individuals manage their food waste, it can save a lot of money for local authorities. Those funds could be used for important community services instead.
  • Climate and Carbon: By managing food waste responsibly, we can reduce carbon emissions, helping with the UK's climate goals. It also promotes sustainable consumption habits, contributing to the country's efforts to lower carbon footprints and improve resource efficiency.
  • Sustainable Lifestyles: Bringing your garden to life with Bokashi! This eco-friendly method reduces methane emissions, enriches soil, and attracts wildlife, creating a thriving ecosystem

Here at WIGGLYS: We are Bokashi Converts – There’s no doubt it radically improves soil health by adding valuable nutrients and beneficial microorganisms, improving its structure, water retention, and overall vitality. Ultimately, by diverting organic waste from landfills and nourishing the soil, Bokashi composting plays a significant role in mitigating environmental impacts and contributing to a healthier planet. We’re using Bokashi in our Cowsheds to pre-compost before we add the manure to the fields.

At the heart of this approach is our Dried Bokashi Active Bran, made here right here on our farm in Blakemere. Bokashi is Japanese for Ferment and it is a really innovative practical solution for recycling food waste. It’s perfect for small spaces and a really simple, inexpensive and sustainable method of improving your soil, which improves what you grow, which improves how it tastes, which improves your own gut health. Home-grown vegetables fed with homemade Bokashi and Compost are provably packed with more nutrients!

With two decades of composting expertise, we are committed to providing top-quality, eco-friendly waste management solutions we love Bokashi, and we think you will too. Whether you make your own bins or buy a ready-made kit when you commit to recycling your food waste with Bokashi you will be enriching your soil and supporting a sustainable practice that contributes positively to our planet.

Used with Bokashi Active Bran