Wiggly Wigglers started on a kitchen table

Wiggly Wigglers was started literally on a kitchen table in 1991… The idea was… could you turn a pile of manure into amazing worm casts… After all they are the black gold of compost and manure was readily available on a smallholding. After a bit of success the idea developed into turning kitchen waste into compost using worms. At the time Wiggly Wigglers was a bit ahead of the curve in terms of recycling and composting but once a company who were into water butts and cone type composters took some worms to Chelsea there was lots of interest. Malvern Council did a trial to supply 30 wormeries to residents and fed back with all the pros and cons and that enabled the fledgling company to improve the composters and expand the range…
30 years on there have been times where we haven’t actually had a wormery to sell - as Rob once said Wigglys without a wormery is like a supermarket without milk - so I am delighted to let you know we have two great ranges of worm composting kits now. Subpod for the easiest possible wormery in the garden and Urbalive which works best when you have small amounts of waste and can keep the kit by the kitchen door. 
Why bother? The very best compost, free liquid feed for life, a complete ecosystem on your doorstep and no kitchen waste to send to landfill. That’s the GOOD LIFE for you.
As part of our 30th Anniversary Celebration we’re running our Birthday Bonanza Sale. featuring 30 Amazing deals, view our full range of offers here https://www.wigglywigglers.co.uk/collections/birthday-sale

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