Confused about which feeder to use? Let us help


Different birds like to feed in different ways & different foods need different feeders.

Here's our top tips for birdfeeders.

Different birds like to eat different food, so the more variety you offer, the wider the range of birds that can find a haven in your garden. With so many types of bird food available, we offer a wide range of feeders. Many of them are designed to be hung from a tree or from a wall bracket, keeping the birds safely away from any cats that may be lurking nearby.

Seed and peanut feeders are well known, but some of our feeders are designed to offer LIVE! food. These grubs are especially valuable sources of food for many species of bird.

Robins in particular go crazy over them, but they can present a problem if you try to put them out on an ordinary bird table because they'll wriggle away!

The answer is to use one of our Live Feeders. Each Live Feeder in our range features our simple but effective mesh- floored dispenser. The sides of the dispenser are deep enough to keep the 'worms' from escaping but shallow enough to let the birds reach down and take their food. The mesh floor even sieves away the bran used to cushion the worms in transit!

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