Giving a Worm Composter as a gift!

A Worm Composter is for Life not just for Christmas

If you think your Dad or Aunt or mate would like a worm composter as a gift please make sure you choose the option which includes a Gift Voucher for the Worms rather than the LIVE Worms, this way you can have the present delivered and wrap it without worry that there are worms to be kept or dealt with. The recipient can then set up the complete kit when they are ready and then claim their free worms with the voucher so they can be sent when they are ready - We don't want any wormy issues occurring!


A Wormery is brilliant for anyone who is interested in growing their own food or gardening as it will produce an ongoing liquid feed to rival any on the market, alongside continual worm casts which are a really good rich odourless fertiliser. Even better the worms make the 'black gold' compost out of kitchen waste. Their particular favourite menu includes coffee grounds, banana skins, teabags and apple peel but they aren't very fussy at all so as long as you add the waste regularly they will practically eat most things that have lived and died including cooked waste, eggshells and paper!


This Wiggly Wigglers Urbalive worm composter comes complete with everything you need to get going, including bedding block, lime mix (to keep the waste sweet), worm treat (to speed the worms up), just remember to choose the option which includes a gift voucher rather than the live worms if you want to gift the kit as a present.

Happy Days :)

Our Urbalive Wormeries are available to order online now:

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