Dealing with Plants Damaged by Frost

If your plants do get caught by the frost this doesn't have to mean the end for them, over time they may recover. However there are ways of minimising the damage:



    • Protect them from the morning sun, which can will growth if the plant defrosts too quickly. If you can't move the plants, cover them with a layer of plastic to block out the sun.


    • In spring, Cut back frosted growth to a healthy bud - this will encourage plants to produce new shoots.


    • Feed damaged plants in with a balanced fertiliser to encourage strong growth.


    • Dig up tender plants and take them into the greenhouse or put them under a cold frame. Many of them will quickly produce new growth and recover.


    • Newly-planted species can often lift themselves above the soil surface if there is a hard frost very soon after planting. Be sure to check them regularly to ensure their roots are always in contact with the soil.


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