When to feed your Garden Birds

More than half of adults in the UK feed birds in their garden, providing supplementary food that helps them overcome periods of natural food shortage and survive severe winter weather, and ensures they come into good breeding condition in the spring. These days, all-year-round feeding is highly recommended, but naturally you will find that as your birds need more help they will eat more food.

When and Where to Feed

Different birds like different foods at different times of the year. This means the best way around the challenge is to put out a variety of foods and mixes. In this way, you will benefit more birds and attract a greater variety.


Seed mixtures are a good staple throughout the year and high-protein foods are particularly beneficial while the birds are moulting.

During the breeding season, the very best food is live mealworms. These provide high protein levels but also contain water, which is essential for nestlings as they have no way of drinking except through the food their parents provide.


When it's really cold outside your birdfeeding can literally be a life saver. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day for birds as they can lose so much weight overnight just trying to keep warm. In short, they need a 'full English' equivalent, so extra on the high oil- and fat-based products like fat-filled coconuts, suet balls, mealworms, sunflowers and peanuts will help do the trick, as well as your usual seed mixes.

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