Five Top tips for a greener workplace

Here are my top five tips for reducing the quantity of waste that would otherwise find its way into a landfill site. Many people are environmentally aware at home, but somehow it slips by the wayside at work.



    1. Shred all paper and either re-use as pet bedding or add to a compost heap or wormery. At Wiggly Wigglers we use all our shredded paper as packing material in our parcels and actively encourage customers to compost it. If you have confidential waste, consider using a company like Enviroshred who feed pulped paper waste to worms and the resulting compost can be used in the garden.


    1. Buy your milk from your local milkman. Not only does your milk have less food miles, but the average milk bottle can be refilled up to twenty times before it wears out, saving lots of unnecessary waste.


    1. Instead of throwing all those bits of lunch waste, apples cores and banana skins etc into the bin, put them into a wormery or bokashi bucket. A bokashi bucket will even deal with those leftover bits of meat/fish sandwich, sausage rolls etc. Great garden compost and a liquid feed for free for any green fingered employee prepared to take it home.


    1. Keep recycling bins close at hand for items such as plastic, glass and cans


  1. Try to use environmentally friendly products, such as hand wash, washing up liquid/dishwasher tablets and recycled hand towels. 

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