Top 10 reasons you NEED a Wormery

There are many different methods of composting, but one we always recommend is Worm Composting (or vermicomposting) here's our list of reasons why we think a worm composter is a great idea for everyone!
  1. Worms can eat up to half of their own weight in a day! It takes roughly a month for a filled tray to go from fresh kitchen waste to compost - each tray is 10l. You can add trays to increase your amount of composting space! Once your worms are happy munching and settled enough to breed, you can add additional trays and the worms will get to work!
  2. Worm tea is an amazing liquid fertilizer for herbs and indoor plants as well as the garden. It contains nutrients and enzymes that promote growth and help build plant resistance against pests!
  3. Worm casts (worm poo) are a really, really rich compost and fertiliser! This is very rich in nutrients, minerals, and bacteria which helps plants grow by nourishing soil and protecting plants from disease. These get released slowly, the castings are covered in a protective oil layer as the food passes through the worms’ digestive system, but get activated right away.
  4. Worms make great pets! They might not be cuddly, but they don’t need walks or expensive vets bills - your worms will be happy with some yummy waste to munch!
  5. It’s a hobby as well as a utility! Lots of our customers find that caring for the worms and managing their home becomes a hobby as well as a great way to get rid of food waste.
  6. It’s super easy to do - once your worms are settled and happy, just keep adding waste and they’ll keep munching. Once a tray is done the worms will move to the next and you are free to use the worm casts!
  7. You can use it all year round! Your wormy friends might be slower to compost if they get too hot or cold, but the process will still continue.
  8. Wormeries come in all shapes and sizes depending on wether you want it placed inside or outside or how much space you have. Don’t let space limits stop you from harnessing the power of worm composting!
  9. It’s cheap to maintain - your worms don’t ask for much :) Just a handful of Worm Treat, Lime Mix and a new moisture mat every so often! (We have subscriptions for these to you don’t have to remember and can save 10%!)
  10. Odour Free Composting - compared to some other methods of composting, vermicomposting is relatively smell and mess free, the food doesn’t rot and ferment, the worms simply munch it down!


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