Raise your Squirrel Defences!


Your garden birdfeeding stations represent a Michelin-starred dining establishment for these cunning beasts. The problem is they can leave little for your preferred bird diners.

Squirrels are formidable foes, learning quickly and stashing away lots of food. They have been known to pretend to bury seed if they feel that they are being watched.

Deterring squirrels from gardens is a problem which few people manage to overcome.

Not only can squirrels jump great distances, but they also have the ability to overcome almost any obstacle put in their way.

Here are some ways we've found to deter these furry friends

- Use metal feeders with a mesh that the squirrels can't penetrate. A cage around the feeder will let birds in, but keep squirrels out.

- Make a 2m gap between feeders and vegetation. This will be too far for squirrels to jump.

- Create a separate squirrel feeding station, which might help with peaceful co-existence... then again...

- Make or buy a squirrel dome. These should be hung upside down and placed above your hanging feeders.

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