Song Thrush SOS


The Song Thrush needs a bit of TLC to help regain numbers after several years of decline.

Gardens are an excellent habitat for these lovely birds. The find shelter and nesting places amongst dense shrubs and a food supply in the form of earthworms and snails. If you see broken shells around a large stone this is a sign that you may have a song thrush visiting - This bird has a real air of intelligence, a jaunty demeanour and a bright black eye. Great singer too!

Your Top Three Tips to helping Song Thrushes

1: Plant an edible hedge or some shrubs with berries.


2: Make sure you have food out in your garden especially in Autumn and Winter. Why not try our bestselling Farmer Phil's British Mix or Wiggly Seed Extra?

3: Leave windfall apples as this is a favourite with the Song Thrush when their aren't enough invertibrates about.


These steps will also benefit other birds in their family-  the mistle thrush, fieldfare and redwing.

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