Smelly Feet? you NEED goat socks!

I've just received this note in from Christine:
"...anyway, about comfort socks, I wear mine with my walking boots, I've got really smelly feet but they don't take up the smell! I bought for my of the plain ones for my son and girlfriend for wearing in bed, they love them. I've been shopping with you for some years now and always have been pleased with my purchases. Thank you so much, Christine"
She is right you know. They are made of mohair and goat hair is a bit like the hair on your head. It insulates, but breathes. Some people not too far from me now hardly ever wash their goat socks anymore... But of course this is not a Wiggly recommendation! In fact I can vouch for machine washing and even tumble drying (if nec) your Wiggly Goat Socks! ORDER HERE!

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