PRESS RELEASE: Revolutionising UK's Approach to Food Waste and Soil Health: The Bokashi Method


Blakemere Herefordshire – As the UK government gears up to enforce separate kitchen waste collection by Spring 2026, Wiggly Wigglers and Lower Blakemere Farm - a pioneering Focus Farm for The Duchy of Cornwall, is leading the charge to revolutionise food waste management and soil health with the Bokashi composting method. Despite its success in countries like Sweden and New Zealand, the Bokashi method remains surprisingly underutilised in the UK. Lower Blakemere Farm is on a mission to change all that by demonstrating the simplicity, effectiveness, and economic benefits of Bokashi, an ancient Japanese composting technique.

Why Bokashi? Bokashi composting stands out for its ability to process all types of food waste, including cooked food, meat, vegetables, and coffee grounds, in a simple and cost-effective manner. This method ferments waste in airtight conditions, producing nutrient-rich compost that enhances soil health, thus supporting the burgeoning interest in gut and soil health relationships.

DIY Bokashi Composting: Accessible and Affordable for Everyone
Wiggly Wigglers and Lower Blakemere Farm point out that Bokashi composting is not just for the environmentally conscious or the gardening enthusiast; it's for everyone. With just two recycled airtight buckets, anyone can start their own Bokashi system at home. This approach significantly lowers the barriers to entry, making it a viable option for households of all sizes and budgets.

Lower Blakemere Farm’s Commitment to Sustainability
As a Focus Farm for The Duchy of Cornwall, Lower Blakemere not only practices Bokashi composting but also produces its own LIVE Bokashi Bran on-site, ensuring that every batch is teeming with beneficial microbes. This commitment to producing a high-quality, sustainable product underlines the farm's dedication to regenerative agricultural practices and its vision for a healthier, more sustainable future.

A Call to Action for the UK
It's time for the UK to embrace Bokashi composting and recognise its potential in managing food waste and improving soil health. Wiggly Wigglers and Lower Blakemere Farm invites environmental enthusiasts, gardeners, and journalists alike to join the Bokashi revolution.

Special Offer for the Press and Environmental Influencers
Wiggly Wigglers is offering samples of their farm-produced LIVE Bokashi Bran to members of the press and environmental influencers, encouraging them to experience first-hand the simplicity and benefits of this composting method, and there is an open invite to come and see how the farm makes LIVE Bokashi Bran (please contact Heather below).

About Wiggly Wigglers and Lower Blakemere Farm
Wiggly Wigglers is a farm diversification of Lower Blakemere Farm and together are working on lowering carbon, improving soil health both on the farm in Herefordshire, and nationally by helping individuals and gardeners to adopt home composting. As a Focus Farm for The Duchy of Cornwall, it is committed to sustainable agriculture practices that not only yield high-quality produce but also contribute to the ecological balance of the surrounding environment.

For further information, please contact:
Heather Gorringe
Wiggly Wigglers Lower Blakemere Farm Blakemere Herefordshire HR2 9PX 07966 287939

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