Porkers Return to Lower Blakemere....

These are our Royal Porkers - purchased from Home Farm at Highgrove in 2007 this Large Black and Tamworth kept us very entertained - mostly Heather’s time was spent chasing them down the road on a pushbike as they were always on the run… The other thing about pigs is they like to make a wallow to enjoy mud… and they “MOOT” Heather and Phil remember waking up a couple of days after these gorgeous pig photos were taken (thanks to Myst at Weobley) and seeing the pigs had “mooted” the whole paddock… Turns out pigs noses are similar to a shovel and they had basically ploughed up the grass :) 
We are VERY much looking forward to the return of pigs at Lower Blakemere as part of our journey into Regenerative Farming. They will be tasked with clearing a piece of land covered in saplings and brambles where they can moot to their hearts content… Watch this space for more Porky action. 
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