January in your Garden

You may think that January is a month to forget about the garden and leave things as they are until the weather improves. In reality, January should be seen as the start of the gardening year as the sun is already making its way back from giving its warmth to the southern hemisphere and heading our way.

By the end of the month you may be lucky enough to enjoy early snowdrops and aconites. It is also a month to take great care of your garden wildlife as they become particularly vulnerable if the winter turns harsh.

Make sure your outdoor wormery is wrapped in breathable fleece or bubble wrap (leaving gaps for air circulation). Remember to keep draining the wormery sump to avoid it flooding.

Everyone feels a bit sluggish after the excesses and laziness of the festivities of December, so getting out in the garden can blow away the cobwebs and give you some exercise.

It is also a chance to feel the benefits of those lovely goat socks you got for Christmas as they keep your toes nice and toasty. The exercise may also save you that £500 gym membership which you were never going to use much anyway.

Your garden could need protecting from frosts, gale-force winds and heavy rain. Check stakes, ties, fleeces and other supports for damage and consider moving plants to sunnier positions to maximise light.

Freeze and thaw can be a lethal combination so try and not subject tender plants and stored bulbs and tubers to it too much. A cold frame can offer good protection.

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