Looking after your Worm Composter in Summer.

Worms are at their most active when the temperature is between about 15 and 25 C so they are pretty adaptable. Frost can cause damage and they will certainly slow down when it’s very cold but we still have to take a little more care during serious heatwaves.

In the UK this doesn’t happen very often (!) but when it does it is best to ensure your worms are in a shady part of the garden (north facing wall excellent in summer) and don’t overfeed if it’s very hot. The worms slow down and tend to move down into the cooler area of the kit rather than concentrating on eating (they are a bit like us I would say) so no point in adding excess food as it will just rot.

Check the moisture -  and if it’s drying out water the kit – remember worms breathe through their skin so moisture is important. (Keep a moisture mat or equivalent on the top).

Wiggly Top Tip:
Your wormery should smell sweet, earthy and healthy. An unpleasant smell is a good sign something isn’t quite right: The two most common causes are

1: Overfeeding – this leads to the food rotting so to solve it – feed less for a few days.

2: Adding too much green matter and not enough brown… - You can fix this by adding torn up card or newspaper. 

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