Save Money and Look After Your Wildlife

Eight Wiggly Frugal Tips

Here are 8 handy tips for you to take note of and help you in your mission to look after our wildlife in the most cost effective, fandabby way!

Tip Number 1: Buy the best quality mix you can but if you want to be frugal avoid the "no mess" or "huskless" seeds - You pay a lot more for the shelling.

Tip Number 2: Buy bird seed in bags of 12.55kg or more - WHY? It's VAT FREE when the weight is over 12.55kg.

Tip Number 3: Feed kitchen scraps to your birds as well as birdseed, fats and nuts. They love some scraps like potatoes (not chips), cheese (grated), bacon Rind (not salty), dried fruit and pastry.

Tip Number 4: Sign up to the Wiggly e-newsletter - you will get to hear about all the treats and deals to save you money.

Tip Number 5: Birds are not that fussy about how they are fed... Make your own bird-feeder from a pop bottle or a milk carton (make sure you clean thoroughly first).

Tip Number 6: Grow your own bird food: Plant Sunflowers, Hazel, Blackthorn, Silver Birch (you'll enjoy it too me thinks :)

Tip Number 7: Have a nice cup of tea instead of clearing your garden, Leave seed heads in the winter - your birds will love them.

Tip Number 8: Buy regular bird food using our Subscribe & Save service (saves 10% plus)


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