Loyalty Scheme

We love to reward all of our customers, old and new. Why not sign up to our Green Points Loyalty Programme today and receive discounts on all future orders!

How it Works

For every pound you spend online you will receive 5 points. So, for example if you buy a bag of seed for £50, you’ll receive 50 x 5 points = 250 points.

Each point is worth 1p, meaning you’ll have £2.50 to redeem against your next order, or just let them accumulate until you have enough points for that purchase of your choice!

  • Sign up as a new customer and you'll automatically receive 200 points!
  • Points will be allocated to your account once the goods have been dispatched.
  • Points can be used as partial or full payment for orders at a rate of 1 point = 1 pence.
  • You will be emailed when you earn points on an order. You can view your point total at any time by clicking the Green Points logo in the bottom left of the website.

  • To claim your discount off your next order, either click on the link in your Green Points email, or click on the Green Points logo on our website. Click on ways to redeem, then Order Discount, then select how many points you would like to spend and it will generate you a discount code for use whenever you like.  
  • Your discount codes are also visible in the handy launcher and will be emailed to you.

Existing Customer?

You will be automatically opted into the scheme and will start receiving points on your next order. Points will be added for subscription orders too :)

If you don't want to take part in the program, please let us know and we can opt you out of points and email updates.

New Customer?

Pop on over to https://www.wigglywigglers.co.uk/account/register to create an account and you'll start collecting points when you place your first order.

For more information please pop on over to https://www.wigglywigglers.co.uk/#smile-home


Terms and Conditions

  • Wiggly Wigglers Green points will be earned at the rate of 5 points for every whole pound spent on eligible goods online. This is based on amount paid by credit / debit card but excluding part-payments by gift vouchers and points, and offer code discounts. For orders part-paid by gift vouchers or points, only the part paid with credit / debit card qualifies for points.
  • Points are given based on goods total (excluding postage).
  • Points are allocated as goods are dispatched. With partial dispatches points will be allocated on the value of goods dispatched. If an offer code, gift voucher or points are used as part-payment, the points allocated on each dispatch will be reduced proportionally so that the total points when fully dispatched are correct for the total amount paid.
  • Points can be used as partial or full payment for orders at a rate of 1 point = 1 pence. Customers can choose how many points to use per transaction.
  • Points total and previous transactions will be available to view when you log-in to your account.
  • Points cannot be back-dated for any previous orders that you did not collect points on.
  • Points have no value and have no expiry date but are lost if the scheme ends, if you opt out of the scheme or if you request to close your account.
  • If an order is paid with points and then returned to us, the refund will be in points straight into your account. If the order is paid with part points and part credit / debit card then the points and money will be refunded as paid.
  • If an item is returned to us for a refund, the points you earned for that purchase will be removed from your points account.
  • Wiggly Wigglers may from time to time award double points or bonus points when specified items are purchased in conjunction with a promotion. If in this case a refund is given on these specified, points will be deducted at the rate at which they were awarded.
  • With offer codes that give double points or other higher points rates, the higher rate points are issued pro-rata as products are dispatched.
  • With offer codes that give bonus points, points are issued at the normal rate on partial dispatches and all bonus points are included with the points for the final dispatch.
  • If a points offer code is used for the first order this will apply instead of the double points offer. The double points offer will not be available on later orders.
  • Wiggly Wigglers may refuse to redeem loyalty credits and/or issue points, if in its reasonable opinion, it considers that the Wiggly Wigglers Green Points Programme is being misused.
  • In relation to your personal data, Wiggly Wigglers is the data controller. We will, from time to time, use the information you supply on the Green Points Programme, together with information relating to your transactions, purchases and participation in the reward scheme for the purposes of administering the reward scheme and statistical analysis. We will also use your details for marketing purposes to allow Wiggly Wigglers to send you news of special events, offers, promotions through the email address provided.
  • It is Wiggly Wigglers intention to run the reward scheme for the foreseeable future. However, Wiggly Wigglers reserves the right to suspend, postpone or cease operation of the scheme at any time, In the event of such a suspension, postponement or cessation, no compensation or recompense whatsoever will be due to members of the scheme. We will endeavour to give one month's notice of any suspension, postponement or cessation of the scheme to current scheme members.
  • Wiggly Wigglers reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of the scheme at any time.
  • Points are personal to the member and cannot be transferred to another person's account.