How's this for a cracking birdfood bundle?

Big bags to last you a while - full of the foods that birds love! Three bestselling treats from our range of birdfood, the most popular seed mixes and fab dried mealworms, a perfect pack to appeal to a large range of feathered friends.

This pack contains;

  • 12.55kg Wiggly Seed Extra
  • 12.55kg Huskless Mix
  • 1kg Dried Mealworms

NOW JUST £73.20 - SAVE 20%!

Why buy your Birdfood from Wiggly Wigglers

  • You get a good value, and all year round supply from us - delivered direct. For serious savings buy the big 12.55kg bags as this is zero rated (so no VAT incorporated).
  • Many of the ingredients are grown on the farm, cleaned, mixed and bagged here and so where we can the birdfood miles are very low.

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