How To Look After My Worms

Worms need nurturing just like all of us. There are a few basic requirements that will ensure they eat and breed and therefore make compost for you.

1: They need food. As with most of us worms like a varied diet, lots of different foods are great for worms and a few of their favourites are veggie waste, coffee ground and banana skins. They aren’t too fussy but it the waste is too wet there tends to be a lack of air.

2: They need moisture. This is usually not worth thinking about as most of your kitchen waste is actually water so unless you live in Alice Springs you have no need to concern yourself about adding water. Do keep your moisture mat or similar on top of the freshest waste as this helps to maintain moisture and soak up excess.

3: Air – Your worm bin isn’t airtight so as long as the waste doesn’t get too wet there will be air circulating. If there is any doubt every now and again it’s worth adding a layer of shredded cardboard which really helps airflow.

4: A neutral pH level… Most waste is acidic and if there is too much acidity this can affect your worms. You can tell if there is a problem if the kit smells or there are flies attracted to it. Adding a handful of the lime mix that came with your kit will sort this out and adding crushed eggshells will also help the balance.

Worm kits are pretty simple – as long as the conditions are beneficial to your worms they will stay and compost for you. Remember your worm composting kit isn’t a waste disposal machine, it’s a complete ecosystem that turns kitchen waste into the best compost and liquid feed in the World!

For more help with Worm Composting please visit our Wiggly Wizard knowledge base here

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