How much Bokashi bran do I need and how often?

A Bokashi bran is crucial for a fermentation process in Bokashi composters. Effective microorganisms found in the bran prevent a decay of biological waste and ensure the process without the unpleasant smell. But how much bran do we use in order to ensure the efficient fermentation process?

What is Bokashi bran?

The Bokashi bran contains beneficial microorganisms (lactic acid bacteria, yeasts, photosynthetic organisms, etc.), which start the fermentation process in Organko and prevent the decay of bio-waste.

What are the advantages of using the bran?

The effective microorganisms in the bran are extremely beneficial. Such microorganisms are also found in various types of food such as cheese, yogurts and wines. The bran prevents food from rotting. Besides, the bio-waste will remain in the correct condition, so it will retain all its energy and nutritional value.

How much bran should I use?

When using clean Bokashi Organko for the first time, sprinkle 20 ml of the bran on the bottom of the composter. It is important that you do the same every time you add some biological waste into your Organko. This will help the fermentation process to continue.
With a regular use of the composter, 1kg of the bran will serve you for about 30 days.

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