Happy, Healthy Birdees!

Feeding our garden birds can make a huge difference to their numbers (and it’s very enjoyable too!) However, just occasionally you may come across a dead or dying bird near the feeder. More often than not this turns out to be a greenfinch, - but it could also be sparrow or another type of finch. The diagnosis is that more likely than not the bird will have contracted a form of food poisoning, like salmonella. These problems are less likely to occur in the wild as birds just wouldn’t feed in such large numbers at same time same place day after day…

However the good news is that this problem is very easily sorted:

Keeping your Feeding Stations Clean

• If you feed a seed like Black Sunflower which has a husk, then clear up the waste regularly (add them to your compost heap - worms adore them!).

• If you don't have the time to clear up husks, feed foods like Sunflower Hearts and Huskless mixes.

• Feeders and bird tables need to be cleaned every few weeks using our proper disinfectant and our tools and brushes

• It’s a good idea to move your feeders or bird table to different positions around your garden every few weeks.

• Keep your bird bath clean and refresh the water regularly.

Don't forget to wear gloves, and wash your hands afterwards! #weknowyouwouldanyway…

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