Food waste drives us all BANANAS – but what can we do about it!?



This was an amazing day on our farm when His Majesty King Charles III visited (as our Landlord at the time) to look at how we make Bokashi here and to see our farm close up.

The King’s Coronation Food Project is an inspiring and ground-breaking response to an urgent and growing challenge – how we can all take action on reducing waste and at the same time reduce hunger  - wherever possible.

I think there’s more we can sort…you will be aware that whilst some folks here in the UK are struggling to fill their plates, heaps of good food are being thrown out every day? It’s the food waste conundrum – but where does it all go wrong… and what can we do about it?

  1. Farm to Supermarket: The Quirky Journey of Our Veggies First off, it's crazy how many veggies never make it to our stores just because they don't look 'perfect.' Wonky carrot? Nope. Oddly shaped spud? Sorry, no room here. We need to start loving our veggies in all shapes and sizes…so that farmers can sell ALL their crops not just the pretty ones!
  2. Supermarket Shenanigans: Time to Rethink They love to stack their shelves sky-high, but sadly, a lot of that food ends up going to waste. It's time for stores to get really creative and find homes for all that food – flash sales for near-expiry items – supporting their food banks, and getting involved in the King’s Coronation Food Project are all ways for them to help.
  3. Home Sweet Home: We Can All Be Food Waste Warriors Here's where we come in! We often buy too much or get confused by those 'sell by' dates. The fix? Shop smart, love your leftovers (hello, next-day soup!), and get to know what those labels really mean.

  1. Composting with a Twist: Enter the Bokashi Kit Now, let's talk about the magic of Bokashi kits. These nifty bins let you turn almost all your kitchen waste, even meat and dairy, into compost gold without any foul smells. Just add your scraps, sprinkle some Bokashi bran, and watch the magic happen. In a few weeks, you'll have a superfood for your plants, and you've kept all that waste out of the landfill!
  2. Sharing is Caring: Tackling the Hunger Issue It's heartbreaking to know that while we're tossing out food, many are going hungry. Kudos to the heroes at FareShare and The Felix Project for rescuing surplus food and sharing it with those in need.
  3. Green Thumbs Unite: Grow Your Own Ever thought about growing your own tomatoes or herbs? It's easier than you think, even in small spaces. And the best part? You get to eat and share super fresh produce and reduce your food waste footprint. Plus, community gardens are a great place to meet fellow green thumbs.

Make a Difference This is one difference we can make in our own homes. Embrace your inner composter (!)  with a Bokashi kit, champion those quirky veggies, and make food waste a thing of the past. Together, we can make a huge difference – for our plates, our communities, and our planet! 🌍🥕🌱

Get started with Bokashi Composting HERE and more information about all types of Composting HERE

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